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    You've reached the calculation limit for possible non-unique combinations ({{combinationLimit}}). This means some outcomes will be dropped and your results will not be accurate. Did that many murlocs really die?

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    STDEV {{ | number: 1}}

    Use the Graveyard, Your Board, and Opponent panels to track what murlocs have been played and are currently in play. As the state changes, the potential damage and other information will be shown in the top panel.

    The results will calculate the damage of all murlocs, both on board and from Anyfin. This includes special abilities like buffs a Tidecaller will receive from the Anyfin-summoned minions. Non-murloc damage is not calculated, though it's important to add "other minions" to the board if they exist as it affects the combo damage.

    If there is more than one combination of murlocs that can be summoned from Anyfin, the results will show a damage range, average, and a graph which shows the percentage chance of hitting any damage number in the range.

    *The base power of murlocs on your board should be adjusted to the current attack power of a murloc before bonuses contingent on other murlocs in play, namely the Murk-Eye text and the Warleader/Oracle buffs.

    In addition to using the arrows, left and right clicking the murloc cards will increment/decrement their numbers.


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